AC Chemical Cleaning Vs Enzyme Cleaning: Which One Do You Need?

Maintaining the cleanliness and health of your cooling system requires routine air conditioner cleaning. A few times a year, you should clean your air conditioner. Depending on how unclean it is, there are several various ways to clean your air conditioner. You may learn all you need to know about air conditioner enzyme cleaning from this post.

What is the process of aircon enzyme cleaning?

The procedure is comparable to standard chemical cleaning, except instead of using chemicals to clean, it uses enzyme solutions. There are three different kinds of enzymes: lipase, protease, and amylase. Lipase breaks down fat (breaks down starch). You won’t need to scour the air conditioner or use harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia since these enzymes will degrade any organic stuff there.

An hour is needed to clean a fan-coil unit. As a result, whenever the air conditioner repair Singapore cannot unmount the device to clean it, they believe enzyme cleaning to be the best substitute for chemical cleaning.

What are the primary distinctions between chemical and enzyme cleaning?

  • An hour of chemical cleaning is ideal for fan coils that are only somewhat unclean, but harsher with time
  • An hour of enzyme cleaning is much safer and more environmentally friendly for moderately polluted fan coils.
  • 1.5 hours of chemical overhaul offers a comprehensive, thorough, and very effective cleaning.

AC Chemical Cleaning:

Cleaning ceiling cassettes or wall-mounted air conditioners involves a chemical cleaning method that takes an hour for each fan coil unit. All filth and grime are softened and dismantled using a pressured stream.

Mold and fungus may be removed with this method with great success. In the last phase, the machine is cleaned of any remaining chemicals using clean water. The coils have now been cleaned of any loosened contaminants.

The chemical employed by the top air conditioner chemical wash is a blend of efficient degreasers, non-ionic chemicals, and surface-active components with a unique formula that aids in removing scale and dissolving oil deposits from all heat transfer surfaces.

AC Enzyme Cleaning:

Due to scientists operating in a laboratory, the phrase “enzymes” conjures up images of some sort of magical material. Enzymes are chemicals that exist naturally and are a part of our daily lives. In the absence of enzymes, no living thing could survive. Enzymes are catalysts, and one of their functions is to quicken natural processes. They have the power to either initiate a process or accelerate an already ongoing one.

There are three different kinds of enzymes:

  • Lipase
  • Protease
  • Amylase

Lipase breaks down fat (breaks down starch). You won’t need to scour the air conditioner or use harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia since these enzymes will degrade any organic stuff there.

Enzymes are useful whenever a chemical reaction is required to change a substance into another. They also comprise a portion of our body. They aid in the process by which the food we eat is converted into the energy we need to function.

Enzyme Solution reverse-engineered this natural occurrence to produce enzymes that, among other things, may be used for cleaning

AC Chemical Overhaul:

This is the most thorough and efficient procedure we employ to get rid of any dirt, filth, fungus, mold or other germs that could be hiding inside your air conditioner. The unpleasant scent you detect each time you turn on your appliance is one certain indication that you need a chemical upgrade. These are additional symptoms as well, mostly visual.

During visual inspections of your air conditioning systems, the experts are trained to find these indications. To allow cleaning agents to penetrate and remove dirt and grime, the device is demounted from the wall and disassembled during the chemical overhaul process. For a single fan coil unit, this procedure takes an hour and a half.

The Best Option:

Cleaning your air conditioner with enzymes is considerably more environmentally friendly. It is excellent for individuals who wish to live sustainably because it is less harsh and has no hazardous chemicals that can leak into the environment.

An enzyme cleaning service is an excellent choice if you just dislike the notion of utilizing chemicals around your family.

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