Save 35% on this anti-snoring mouthpiece.

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TL;DR: As of Oct. 28, you can get the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece(opens in a new tab) for just $64.95 instead of $99.95 — that’s a 35% discount.

Snoring can be an annoyance for everyone involved. Even if you’re supposedly sleeping through it, snoring can still have negative effects on your sleep quality, and sleep is one thing you don’t want to skimp on. Consistently poor sleep(opens in a new tab) can be a factor in developing some pretty significant health issues, but if snoring is your problem, then there may be a solution. 

The VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece could help you get that restful sleep by keeping your airways open through the night. It’s a simple tool that may have a big impact on your sleep quality, and it’s on sale for $64.95. 

Say goodnight to snoring 

VitalSleep manufacturers claim a “restful sleep guaranteed” if you use VitalSleep. The science behind that claim is clear. VitalSleep molds to your teeth exactly for a perfect, custom fit. Then you can make micro-adjustments to move your jaw forward, opening your airways to limit your snoring(opens in a new tab)

It may sound uncomfortable, but VitalSleep has a lot of quality-of-life improvements that could make it easier to use. The material is all hypoallergenic, and it’s BPA- and latex-free. It’s even FDA-cleared after undergoing strict biocompatibility and toxicology testing to meet federal safety guidelines. 

More than 30 million Americans reported that they snore regularly. It’s not an uncommon problem, but finding a solution that sticks can be tough. It may take a moment to get used to wearing VitalSleep to bed, but once you’re wearing it, it should stop you from snoring as long as it’s placed and adjusted correctly. The molded fit should help keep it comfortable and secure in your mouth through the night. 

VitalSleep also comes with some exciting goodies. You’ll get a contoured sleep mask, a canvas carrying pouch, and an earplug set, though hopefully nobody will need that quite as much now that you have VitalSleep. 

Stop snoring and sleep better tonight 

For a limited time, get the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece(opens in a new tab) on sale for $64.95 (reg. $99). 

Prices subject to change.

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