What is the price of LASIK eye surgery in India?

According to the type of technology utilized, aftercare services, medical safety, and other considerations, eye surgery costs in India vary from city to city. Therefore, before selecting a LASIK center in India, you should know the cost of this treatment if you intend to get LASIK eye surgery


India’s LASIK eye surgery cost 

In India, more than 1 lakh people get laser eye surgery, making LASIK a popular option for those seeking better vision. Additionally, it aids in the permanent removal of lenses or glasses. However, in some circumstances, the expense of the procedure might be high. 


LASIK eye surgery typically ranges in price from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakh, depending on many variables. For both eyes, LASIK eye surgery typically costs roughly Rs. 60,000. 


The price of LASIK for both eyes might range from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. 


Your preoperative consultation will determine the precise cost estimate because each patient’s unique condition may affect the price. In addition to the procedural charges, additional fees, such as those for screening tests, medications, follow-up visits, etc., could range from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 10,000. 

Costs and Types of LASIK Eye Surgery  

In India, a variety of LASIK eye surgeries are carried out. Along with the price of care for both eyes, they are briefly mentioned below: 


Traditional LASIK: Rs. 20,000–Rs. 30,000 

Personalized LASIK: Rs. 25,000–Rs. 30,000 

Femtosecond customized: 85,000 to 1,50,000 rupees 

Alex Smile Treatment: between Rs. 150,000 and Rs. 

Treatment with a laser for blended vision costs Rs. 15,000 more than the previously mentioned treatments. 


When all of these things are considered, one LASIK eye surgery in India typically costs between USD 150 and USD 2,300. 


Laser eye surgery will cost a different amount depending on your chosen LASIK procedure. However, the cost of your treatment may vary depending on the doctor’s fee, the patient’s age, the likelihood of post-surgical problems, and any additional lab tests or examinations. 


Factors Affecting Laser Eye Surgery Cost in India 

The following is a discussion of some of the most significant factors affecting the price of LASIK eye surgery in India: 


  1. Technology Employed A clinic with cutting-edge technology will charge more for LASIK surgery than one with outdated equipment. 


  1. Technique Employed 

Cost-wise, minimally invasive procedures are more expensive than standard ones. Similarly, nonstandard treatments like the ReLEX Smile technique will be more expensive. 


  1. Clinic’s Location 

Your laser eye surgery cost will significantly vary depending on the location and region. Due to the increased cost of establishing in larger cities, huge metro areas will be more expensive than nonmetro areas. 


  1. Postoperative care 

Many clinics frequently include aftercare as part of the package because it is an essential component of this eye surgery. The entire cost of the procedure goes up as a result. As a result, LASIK surgery packages that include aftercare will cost more than those that do not. If you can forego receiving aftercare services, exercise caution to prevent complications. 


  1. Medical Care 

Optometrists or opticians typically conduct the initial examinations. Compared to having a surgeon evaluate you, this could assist down the expenditures. Your LASIK eye surgery cost will increase if you have a surgeon perform the initial inspection. However, be sure to hire a skilled individual because improper screening could result in problems that are not always obvious. 


Why is there such a wide range in Lasik surgery prices? 

Many LASIK service providers base their treatment cost estimates on a “per eye” basis. The cost of 

LASIK eye surgery is first influenced by surgical expertise and afterward by technology. Depending on where you reside, the surgeon’s experience, the surgery you’ll have done, and the technology utilized on your eyes, prices may differ when comparing states, regions, or even nearby counties. 

How Is the Price of Surgery Affected by Different Lasik Procedures? 

LASIK surgery is a good solution when glasses and lenses are a problem in your life. 

Therefore, it is a fantastic approach to regaining your vision. Your vision could be affected by numerous refractive problems. But the most recent technologies, like Lasik, effectively address such problems. Additionally, Lasik surgery in India is affordable. Additionally, the price of the process is based on various Lasik techniques. 


Bladeless Laser: We also refer to it as Robotic Lasik or Femtosecond laser. You will receive a considerably higher quality of vision while undergoing this surgery. The price of a bladeless Lasik procedure in India is reasonable but slightly higher than for the other kind. Additionally, it is a very efficient way to gain vision quickly. 

Blade Lasik: This technique will be less expensive than a bladeless one. However, this technique could take longer than bladeless to gain vision adequately. Also, whether you can have this treatment depends on the general condition of your eyes. 

There is a procedure called surface laser for those who are not candidates for standard Lasik. It may also cost the same as a standard Lasik procedure. However, after thoroughly evaluating both eyes, the total cost is revealed. 



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